IU “You and I” MV Released!

FINALLY, a music video that matches the lyrics! (Hem hem…SNSD’s “The Boys” MV lacked the “boys” they supposedly “bring out” psh~) IU has come back this winter with, “You and I;” a song that tells the story of puppy love and coming-of-age. She pleads with her love interest to wait for her; to wait until she’s an adult and see her, not as the “strange child” he once knew, but as the woman she would soon become.  And who is this lucky guy? A very sleepy one >,<

Here’s the video:

Did you get the story? It takes a couple of times to understand it fully and Loen Entertainment DID give an explanation, but I have the exclusive, super-detailed, over-thought one! :) Here it goes:

"Wake up already..."

First, there’s a super hot super sexy sexy sexy sleeping guy (Lee Hyun Woo). Sleeping Beauty?

IU, too young for this guy, who happens to be in her, according to Leon Entertainment, grandfather’s shop waits for the time when he wakes up. He will wake up once she becomes a woman, so she has to wait until she’s old enough. Luckily for her, she has a time/dimension clock:

Excuse me, do you have the dimension?

So, who’s trapped and in what dimension? Doesn’t he live his life outside? Her grandfather’s shop has a lot of inventions, is he one of them? Is this like an Absolute Boyfriend thing? :)

All aboard!

Speaking of her grandpa’s inventions, he made a pretty cool one where she gets to peek into the other dimension: the one where she is with her dream guy as an adult. This was a source of embarrassing happiness for her. She could actually go into this invention via the “Fantasy Express” and see herself happy in the future.


“In a blink of an eye, I’ll be an adult
I hope you recognize me, I hope you remember me
Yes that strange child
I really like your image that shines in between my hands”

Now, one thing is really confusing. At the beginning of the video, she circles the last day of her little countdown spiral. Is she counting down to her becoming an adult? Most likely, but  then why didn’t she wait for her dream guy to wake up? Was she counting down her completion of her grandfather’s time machine? But how would you countdown when you finish something that complicated? Oh and her countdown day is pretty significant since she made it Dday~ or maybe she forgot the day only has one “d?”

Either way, that was the day she was going to change her destiny. Destiny Day :)

According to Leon Entertainment, she gets too impatient and rapidly builds the time machine. She’s supposed to be 19 years old and the guy would wake up when she turns 20. So, we’re supposed to believe that she took a year to fix the time machine and took off even though he was going to wake up? I don’t think so! Here’s the real story: She HAD to leave because they were supposed to meet later. How do I know this? Let’s review the evidence!

She was drawing on his wrist while he was asleep. What was it? Oh yes…the time! My guess is, she drew it on him to give him a clue when they would meet. And you know what? That’s EXACTLY how it happened. When they finally meet in the future, his watch that he wore to the shop and the time she had drawn on him were EXACTLY THE SAME. Inconceivable! :0

Circle circle dot dot. Now you've got your cootie shot!

The next indisputable clue is what she saw when she was in the train. Not only was her hair short, but she saw him looking back at her as he was about to leave her shop in the future.

Boom! Lawyered! She was counting down the day until she could leave in the time machine! She left him a clue and also let him catch a glimpse of her leaving. She KNEW they would meet in the future and she left so they could have their destiny moment :)

I wonder if her grandfather’s shop is the same one he walked into a few years later. The name was Debauve & Gallais; and after a simple Google search, it turns out that this is actually a high end chocolate shop in France. They used to cater to French royalty and their history goes back 200 years. Pretty fancy, huh? Her dad was a French chocolatier inventor?  Or did they both go to France????

One of the actual stores

She has chocolate!

The Clothing:

I loved IU’s dress, and also the dresses her back-up dancers wore. It had a very vintage feel to it and the collar reminded me of the school uniforms I used to wear to school :)

The Dance:

Not much stood out to me in her dance except her little cute happy shiver and the awesome hand gesture (I love easily imitable hand gestures).


LULZ~ Look at those guys faces :)

One last thing: is it me, or does she kinda going for a Twilight-esque look in her video? What did we used to call this look before Twilight?!? Take a look! What do you think?

Maybe it’s just the long hair :)

Poor IU has been stressed with producing her latest album “Last Fantasy” which is meant to reflect that period in her life where she bids farewell to childhood and prepares to meet maturity (http://www.allkpop.com/2011/11/iu-unveils-nine-minute-mv-for-you-and-i).  She’s even losing hair due to the pressure! Let’s cheer on Korea’s “little sister” as she does grow up under the spotlight! IU HWAITING!

Korean Lyrics/Romanization (:{)/Translation:



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