Ever notice? The Super Junior’s Dance Room Edition!

This weeks Ever notice? edition asks: Did you ever notice that Super Junior always seem to be dancing in huge, brightly lit rooms no matter what the lyrics are about?

Super Junior dance videos stick to a very strict formula. So, what would you have imagined the music videos to be like if you knew the lyrics? Well, whatever you’re thinking, WRONG.

Check it out~

First is Super Junior’s A-CHA. Now, A cha! means something like “oh my gosh,” “oh dear,” “oh my,” and even “damn it.” According to the lyrics, the story is about a guy in a relationship with a scornful girl who seems to always walk away from him and he keeps telling her that he can’t lose her, that she needs to wizen up because in the end she’ll be saying “oh my gosh!” when she realizes what she walked out on and how much she hurt him. Something like that~ But in the video…they all just look really angry and annoyed; and dancing around in big shining rooms does not help get the message across! Perhaps they should have included this:

ACHA! NOW I get it!~

Second is Super Junior’s Mr. Simple. Here’s a translated bit of their song that I think sums up the meaning: “Don’t worry now, good days will come next. Leave serious stories behind/Smile brightly for today, with your bright smile, everyone will be lightened up.” It’s a song about putting away your troubles and going out to vent some steam with your friends. Wow. I DID NOT get that from the video. How was I supposed to know any of that?? Especially when you see the promo for it (0.o):

You're Invited to Our Fabulous Halloween Party~

Third is Super Junior’s (MeeInah) Bonamana. In this song, Super Junior adamantly tells this girl, the always invisible girl, that she’s really beautiful and they want to go out with her, buy her presents blah blah blah. What does the title mean? Well, MeeInAh means “beauty” and bonamana means “obviously.” This fits with the rest of the lyrics as these boys dance for the girl that is so obviously beautiful. But would you ever get that meaning from their music video? Nope.

I just found the invisible chick! She's so BONAMANA there!

The last one is Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry. They’re “sorry sorry” because they’ve fallen head over heels for the invisible babe again and even though they are dying to know everything about her and to be with her, they also say that they would be even more satisfied just to be her friend so they can know every secret she has. Or something like that~ The point is, after I was done imitating their awesome da da da da da da da da dancing that they’ve been using ever since, and is widely known to almost every Korean, I did not ever think that I was singing about that sort of thing! Maybe something like this would’ve made it clear?:

"Aw, I love you so much!"/ "Let's be friends!"

Super Junior stays true to their time tested method of rising to the top of the Asian pop star universe by dressing extremely well, dancing around in brightly lit rooms, and getting close face shots for their fans. Ever wonder why there’s never a girl in there? Most of their songs are about girls, but they never show up, there’s no story line and unless you understand Korean….eventually, all their videos start to look and sound the same:




Mr. Simple

Mr. Simple

Sorry Sorry

Sorry Sorry

Here’s the groundbreaking formula:

2 huge rooms, lots of lights, good-looking dancing men, and lots of facial close-ups!

They’re not the only ones who do it, though. Girl’s Generation also does it and I think if you look hard enough, you’ll see that almost every artist has danced in a huge, brightly lit room which are completely epileptic unfriendly~



Brown Eyed Girls



So why single out Super Junior or SM for the whole big space thing? It’s because you can almost always predict how a Super Junior dance video would turn out to be: it hasn’t changed much, especially since Sorry Sorry. Other artists, like B2AST, also dance alone, but their music videos have story lines, so it’s not just dancing guys leaving no clues as to the meaning of the song. SNSD is guilty of doing the same as Super Junior. Remember their MV for “The Boys?” Think about it….were there any boys in the video? Not a one.

So did you notice? What else do you notice in KPOP music videos?


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