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I Don’t Care~ Keeping it C-REAL!

C-Real’s Debut is a couple of months old by now, but when I came upon it, I really liked it, the concept and the lyrics! What stood out for me right away was a few similarities with a couple of … Continue reading

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GD Bean Pole

Sexy GD! I know this is old, but come on GD is always worth another look! GD Bean Pole VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Is it me, or does he look like the Korean Edward Cullen? AWNG~  

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Don’t Go Home — as if I ever would ;)

Everybody knows that G Dragon is just the coolest thing in K-pop, right? Well, him and anyone connected to BIGBANG (including 2NE1). I am looking forward to everything he will do EVER. I can’t believe that he and I are … Continue reading

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A Message from MYNAME

Oh na na. What’s MYNAME? :D MYNAME is a band produced by Fly to the Sky’s HwanHee (Fany), and I had mixed feelings about them.  I watched this music video right before Double A’s “Because I’m Crazy” and I couldn’t … Continue reading

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BANNED. Part 2: Speed Thrills but Kills

Chance takers are accident makers. — Author Unknown Driving around in Korea is pretty tough and totally crazy. Koreans have the craziest driving skills I have ever seen and traffic can be so daunting: Being a pedestrian can be dangerous as cars … Continue reading

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BANNED. Part 1: Luxury

“It is the preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else that prevents us from living freely and nobly.” ― Bertrand Russell I am sure the MOGEF and/or the broadcasting companies would wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Russell on this view of materialism. … Continue reading

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Because I’m Crazy for Double A

AA (Double A) is a new boyband who debuted with this song “미쳐서 그래” also known as “Because I’m crazy”.  My first impressions were all about Aoora and his dramatic opening on his knees, OMG, really?  He’s very charismatic and … Continue reading

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