The Troublemakers are here!

4minute’s HyunAh and B2AST’s Jang HyunSeung team up for sub group, “Troublemaker.” Today, they released their MV and it’s living up to the sexy hype! But is it too sexy? Now, the Korean government has censored A LOT of music videos in the past for being too sexy or offensive…and somehow this fell through the cracks??

Censor this bi-yat-ches! And it just gets much worse…or better depending on you :) Korean pop culture is generally conservative. Certainly, six years ago when I first was introduced to the Hallyu Wave, KPOP was positively innocent. It’s what I always admired about Korea so this kind of sexy/raunchiness thing that’s gaining popularity now is really pissing me off.

Anyway~ the story line is a bit reminiscent of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Only…what would’ve happened if Mr. & Mrs. Smith found out the other was a spy on their first encounter in some hotel. So, they pass each other in the hall and have some instant sexy connection. Then, they’re both spying on each other. She listens to his conversations in his room…well, there were two dancing girls in there, so I’m guessing she was listening to see when he left his room with his ho’s. When he does leave, she sneaks in to his room and finds his gun!

WHY did he leave it in there? Some spy~

NOW she knows that he is also a spy! But she doesn’t take his gun…he had it at the end! While she was sneaking in his room, however, he was also sneaking into her room and bugging the place! DaDaDum! They both go back into their own rooms and begin their master plan to take out the other. When they finally meet and exchange bedroom eyes in the hallway, she pushes him into his room and then…onto a bed?

Oh Noz! She's turned into a zombie!

We’ll just have to assume she seduced him, but I think they just kissed. In the last scene, they had all their clothes on and their hair was still perfect :). That’s all we can get from that because then she just lights the room up and thinks she has him trapped by the fire….

Oops! How ya gonna get out?

But then he stands up~ Wait….she didn’t tie him down?? Then why did he just watch her set the room on fire? Anyway~ he whips out his gun (WHY DIDN’T SHE TAKE IT FROM HIS ROOM?) and shoots!

Oh hell noz you can't leave!

But the video ends there…she just turns around and gives him a pouty face. Maybe she dodged it~ But I mean, where the heck is the gun she was carrying around earlier? Why set the fire? She was practicing in the mirror to shoot after all, so what happened to it???

Freeze SUCKA!

So the lyrics of this song are just about a guy and a girl saying their going to cause “trouble” for the other…how? With their feelings :) Apparently, they want to “steal each other’s lips and run far away.” Now, when I think about the word “troublemaker,” I don’t think about trying to steal someone’s heart (or lips) or about being “in front of them” so they can’t forget me. I think something more along the lines of:

From my experience, and my inference from the amount of sexy in this song, “causing trouble” for someone here is probably just making someone get aroused and not letting them do anything about it. Like…pushing someone on a bed and only kissing him before trying to set him on fire?

Now this is how you cause trouble:

Oops! I didn't see you there! I just dropped my pencil...

Nothing to censor here....

Did I sit on anything??

Their backup dancers were getting down and dirty too. However, one dancing couple was just too into it:


COME ON! They're not even doing the dance now!

Yeah~ I think they were having their own private party :)

So you want to dance to this song? It’s easy! All you need is some booty rubbing…

Rub your booties together!


lulz...look at their faces :)

Fun interlude jumping! :) I lie…just booty rubbing is enough :)

Now, DID YOU NOTICE THE HEELS? No. not on HyunAh…on HyunSeung! I couldn’t believe it! I know there are soles that men in Korea put on the bottom of their shoes to make them taller…but these look like straight up heels!

"It's not fair~ Why is she still taller than me??"

Yup, I have no idea how this fell through the cracks, but if they’ll ban other random videos and songs for lesser offenses, then it seems like there’s a payoff going on somewhere to keep this in the loop.

Please don’t get me wrong. It’s not horrible. It’s sexy and different and is definitely not as bad as a PCD video, but still Korea…be innocent!!!! >.< I love innocent Korea!

What do you think? Is it too sexy? Should Korea stay innocent? Or do you think that Korea is long overdue for tapping into the s** market?

Trouble Maker ‘Trouble Maker’ M/V <–Super sexy video


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