Ever notice? Flaxton street, home of the stars

Do you want to meet KPOP stars? Then take a stroll down one of Korea’s most star-studded streets: Flaxton street. Several stars have been spotted there! They are: 2NE1’s Dara and CL, Bang Yong Guk (he’s actually stole the sign once to put in his dancing….garage?), F.T. Island, BoM, Song Joong Ki, Im Soo Hyung, and the hopefuls of Super Star K! You don’t have to travel the whole street though! The 300 block at the intersection of Flaxton and Ashfield is the hot spot for many stars!

As you can see, the Flaxton 300 block is home to a variety of settings, but it is perhaps the most famous for the fire that was so bad, the New York Fire Department, as well as the US media, were called in to help! F.T. Island members were inside at the time and managed to escape!

Recently however, a scandal was caused when Bang Yong Guk stole the sign! There’s no word yet on if he plans to return it.

Flaxton street: where the stars go~ :)

Seriously, I have to agree with Simon and Martina on this one! It seems that there may just be a KPOP Prop Shop somewhere in Korea where different entertainment companies can grab signs and other things~ We know that for sure there are at least two different Flaxton signs, one white (letters) on black and the other black (letters) on white. Who owns this store? Well, for the time being, we’ll stick to Mr. Brohoho!


So, did you notice? Have you seen Flaxton Street anywhere else?


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3 Responses to Ever notice? Flaxton street, home of the stars

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  2. sarah says:

    its also in youngsaengs crying mv

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