Ever notice? The reuse reuse reuse edition

So we all know the Flaxton Street has been reused again and again in different music videos, so it stands to reason that there must be others! Have you ever noticed them? I found a few:

Telephone booth!

Top Girl G.NA
Never Give Up Bang Yong Guk & ZELO
Lonely 2NE1

GD.TOP_0130_SBS Popular Music_ 집에 가지마(Don't Leave)

Same Tank!

Knock Out GD & TOP
Hot Summer F(x)

Of course, there must be more, if you find them, let me know! ^^ Now comes the big kahuna of shared things in KPOP: the number one Brick Lounge!

UKISS hung out here when their friend was suffering from a kind of psychosis and kept imagining that his (dead?) girlfriend was still next to him. This is from their MV, 0330:

Remember that lamp in the back, you'll see it again :)

Remember the lockers and phone...you'll see them later :)

After their friend had a break down, UKISS decided to move on to another spot and lent the room to Teen Top who used it as their safe place to bring ChunJi’s girlfriend so his other, older girlfriend didn’t find out! From their music video, No More Perfume on You:

Do you see the lamp???

Look at the UKISS picture above where the crazy guy is talking into the phone by the lockers...it's the SAME one!

This might be the same locker by the phone, but remember this one, because IT WILL COME UP AGAIN :)

Because the gods of KPOP didn’t like Teen Top being cheaters, they cursed the place and soon it was occupied by a pretty dysfunctional couple who eventually split up when the boyfriend got shot down by the police in Bang Yong Guk’s music video, I Remember.

BOOM! Lockers!...and...the lamp!!!!

So, did you notice? Have you seen this room in other videos? How about other props?


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