BANNED. Part 1: Luxury

“It is the preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else that prevents us from living freely and nobly.”
― Bertrand Russell

I am sure the MOGEF and/or the broadcasting companies would wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Russell on this view of materialism. Surely, many officials within the MOGEF must have the same views since they banned:

T.O.P.’s Turn it up

Offending lyrics: 

I’m John Galliano, Dior, Louis Vuitton,
Van Assche, YSL, Dolce & Gabbana
Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Tuxedo and shoes
Always Dom Perignon Pink

He had a lot of high-end things in his video!

AJOO’s Wealthy 2nd Generation

Offending lyrics:

if there is something you want, say it
you want luxury, I can supply everything
from shoes to hundreds, you save money
today glowing go~ you know that tonight is yours

what you want?
what you need?
what you got?
easy for me
what you want?
what you need?
what you got?

I’m wealthy 2nd generation

Se7en’s Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Offending lyrics:

You never knew a Rider until I got you Prada,
And showed you all the finer things
I took you out that Hooptie, went from Guess to Gucci
you even got a diamond ring (I gave you everything)

Even though T.O.P. and Se7en’s songs were cited more for “indirect advertising,” it’s hard to imagine that advertising could be the only issue when AJOO gets banned by KBS for, “promoting a bad image of worshiping materialism.” Wouldn’t T.O.P.’s and Se7en’s songs be more guilty of “worshiping materialism,” than AJOO? He only promises luxury, he doesn’t specifically say which kind though :)

Speaking of being cited for indirect advertising, SHINee’s, Love Still Goes On, was banned for promoting…Gucci? No. Prada? No…give up? Facebook. They were cited for “advertising” Facebook– how does:

I stupidly touch your Facebook, you’re smiling

advertise Facebook?!?!? The only explanation that could be is if more Koreans went to Facebook, there would be less on Cyworld and other Korean social networking sites and that would weaken whatever company that runs it. So…are the moral police getting paid off to keep K-pop fans in Korea from swarming to Facebook instead of Cyworld?

Another related case is Lee Jung Hyun’s (aka AVA), Vogue Girl. It was yanked because the title was the same as an overseas fashion magazine, of which there is also a Korean version.

MBC said that it was a form of subliminal advertising and axed it! AVA Entertainment had to change the song’s name to, Vogue It Girl, and that the references in the lyrics will also be amended and re-recorded. Ugh.

But I AM a Vogue Girl!

Shouldn’t there be A LOT more songs banned for advertising and promoting materialism then? Here’s one example I remember off the top of my head:

Seo In Young’s, Cinderella

Potentially offensive lyrics:

I got class, I’m bad ass
These days I am the trend
(trend, trend, trend…)

Ok, the curse word will have to be reviewed another time, but if there’s nothing overly materialistic in the lyrics, LOOK at the video. If that isn’t promoting the worship of materialism, then what is??

How about G.NA’s, Top Girl?

Potentially offensive lyrics:

More luxurious and hotter
Wanna fall for my seduction without feeling any guilt?
No worries, Yes if you like it
Just go with my style, with confidence

Again, the “harmful worship of materialism” is much more evident in the video:

What’s confusing to me is why they would ban songs for materialism or for indirectly advertising high end products when in k-dramas, these things are all over the place and a main character is almost always rich. Wouldn’t the songs be matching the dramas anyway? Don’t they seem to be going hand in hand? And isn’t Se7en’s song about how money can’t buy love? So why would it be a problem? Shouldn’t the fact that the expensive things from Gucci couldn’t buy him love actually be the opposite of worshiping materialism? It really seems that the powers that be don’t always read the entire lyrics or take a closer look at the videos because seriously, if you’re going to ban something, do it properly: ban them all equally or re-structure the standards!

So what do you think? Should k-pop songs be banned for “promoting” products or websites?


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