BANNED. Part 2: Speed Thrills but Kills

Chance takers are accident makers. — Author Unknown

Driving around in Korea is pretty tough and totally crazy. Koreans have the craziest driving skills I have ever seen and traffic can be so daunting:

Being a pedestrian can be dangerous as cars fly around corners and speed through crosswalks. So, it makes sense that Korea’s interests would be in reducing accidents and keeping their drivers from going crazy. Major broadcasters, namely KBS, want to make sure that young potential drivers don’t get any funny ideas; therefore, they ban ban ban!

Lee HyoRi’s, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The offending traffic violations:

No Seatbelt

Dancing in a truck while the truck is in motion

Dancing in the street

Huh…They banned it for this? Why not….

Hitting someone with you car?

Not using the turn signal to switch lanes?

Not pulling over during a police chase?

Or how about the number one reason that bans anything: the sexuality. They banned Rainbow’s tummy dance, but somehow they failed to ban HyoRi for showing, not only her stomach, but her bra??

Something strange is afoot here…why not just ban it for the cleavage instead of citing traffic violations when she is a runaway alien in the story and the crazy driving is essential to the plot because aliens [supposedly] don’t know human traffic laws??? 

This video wasn’t banned by the MOGEF. It was banned by KBS and got a 15+ and 12+ rating MBC and SBS, respectively. However, Rainbow showed less skin and they got a blanket ban on their choreography. That doesn’t seem fair :(

Rain’s, Love Song

So what could possibly be banned in a love song mv?

The shirt ripping?


The sexy half-naked dancing?


Breaking and entering, AND being on a bed with a girl at the same time?


Wanna know what it was? Jaywalker!

May I add that this sequence was in the first 3 or 4 seconds of the song and did not play again after? But KBS did not stand for it citing, “Rain’s disregard for traffic regulations by running across the road was inappropriate to be shown on their channel.”

Yoo Seung Chan’s, Chemistry

Again, KBS just doesn’t like crazy jaywalkers. Their message: no running on highways or streets! That would not be good for the viewers!

But wait a minute…this doesn’t look like Korea…

It seems like they filmed this in…California? That’s my guess. So be warned, if you want your music video on KBS, you have to watch out that you don’t run a muck on streets and highways abroad or in Korea ;)

Psy & Kim Jang Hoon’s, Ring For Me Once Again

Really KBS? It’s a song about being excited about the World Cup! They also cited this for “walking in crowds on the highway.”

I believe this MV was released in 2010? But the story focused on the World Cup in 2002. Wasn’t Korea FAMOUS for it’s HUGE crowds in the streets that very year???

Did they ban themselves from showing this? I am going to think NOT. Hypocrites.

So what do you think? Should k-pop songs be banned for “traffic violations?”


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