Don’t Go Home — as if I ever would ;)

Everybody knows that G Dragon is just the coolest thing in K-pop, right? Well, him and anyone connected to BIGBANG (including 2NE1). I am looking forward to everything he will do EVER. I can’t believe that he and I are the same age!! He does SO much that it just makes me feel lazy :D This category is for me to fan girl over one of Korea’s best stars because… he’s just so awesome he needs his own section :D

Today, it’s screen capping, Don’t Go Home, by GD & TOP AND just talking about how immensely awesome the sexy lyrics are!

You can find the English translation here: Source:

Now these are my favorite parts:

Don’t go home baby~ I have a present here for you (Hoho! What is it?)                                                                                    Don’t go home today baby ye~ To be honest I’m not used to it either, Sweetheart (Exactly what are you not used to baby? >.~)

A-Yo Turn It Up (Turn it up Loud! Lalalala!)
Look baby, I only want to greet the morning with you (oh my~)
Before this night passes, our own secret party (hellz yes!)
But you just like Cinderella and want to go home when the clock hits 12 (that is not true >.~)
Oh wait a second why am I like this? Am I drunk, I’m getting dizzy, I’m falling asleep (then how would we party secretly?)

TOP                                                                                                                                            You’re going home tomorrow anyway, It’s late it might be dangerous dear (Seoul’s not dangerous~ oh you!)                                                                                                                 No there’s no other meaning (yeah, right), I’m just worried about you, Yeah what if someone kidnaps you (pssh!)

Nothing can stop this, This feeling of us becoming one (there’s the icing I was looking for!)

GD&TOP                                                                                                                                        It’s the first time since I’ve met you, your family is strict so I’m scared but excited/ Phone on vibrate, a bad sign, Bell goes ding dong, a signal to escape bingo (bingo what?) I need to give her assurance, so I can convince her with a believable excuse (you do not need to convince me)

Dim the lights, our eyes meet
And slightly open those tightly shut buttons (*o*), mouth dries, and lock the door (yes!)

That girl is so lucky >.< Who could resist this though?:

I get why this was banned now :) This is not for children :D

As for the music video, I really like the vintage feel to it…it seems so…80s? Did you notice all the different colored tights the girls were wearing? I love it >.< But since I have so many colored tights of my own, perhaps I’m just biased. Fun fact: I have the SAME color tights as the main girl!

AWNG~ GD! You are so talented and se~~~~~~xy!

You're Welcome


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